Hungry for Healing

2 out of 3 women struggle with their relationship with food. It is my mission to change that.

I'm Ready to Take Back Control
I was standing in the kitchen, staring down at the bottom of the jar of almond butter I had just opened. It was empty and I wasn't really sure how it had happened.

I was one of the 2 in 3 women struggling. I was embarrassed. I'm supposed to be the dietitian, the health coach, the one who has it all together. I was far from having it all together. I was at a complete loss. The calorie in calorie out method I was taught my entire dietetic education was failing.


I restricted.

I binged.

I over exercised.

I was afraid of my next meal.

I was obsessed with food.

I starved.

I was stuffed.

I craved sugar. It was my drug.


I knew it was time to take back my control when I felt like my entire life revolved around food & thoughts about food. This was no way to spend my life. I didn't want to spend hours in the gym every day just to burn off the binge I had consumed. I was done punishing myself with days of torturous calorie counting.  I wanted to be free of my obsession with food.

I had no idea that my obsession with food was so complex. It took me a long time to realize that my relationship with food was about so much more than just food. I needed to heal the addictions and cravings. I needed to eat enough nourishment to satisfy the cravings. I needed to find fulfillment outside of food and meals to experience true fullness. I had to get real about the beliefs I had about my body, weight and self image.


In the work I found healing. I no longer stress about calories, weight, binging. I finally feel free of the constant food thoughts. Now its time for me to give back and help you on this healing journey as well.


Its my mission to guide other women to healing their relationship with food and finding food freedom themselves. This is why I brought this program Hungry for Healing to life.


What is Hungry For Healing

Hungry for Healing is a self-guided 2 month online program designed to walk you through healing cravings, emotional eating, binges and your relationship to food. By the end of this program you'll understand your 'triggers' and have the tools to prevent spiraling out of control.

Whats Included :

∆ 4 modules {Valued at over $600} Covering: 

 - Balancing Macronutrients for Satisfaction

- Optimizing Nutrient Intake to Improve Cravings

- Healing the Gut to Reduce Cravings

- Lifestyle Practices to Heal Cravings

- Balancing Hormones

- Deep Spiritual Work to Remove Mindset Blocks 

∆  Access to the Hungry for Healing community.
∆  Monthly Meal Plans {Valued at $1200}

About Shelby


Shelby Kulzer is a registered dietitian, spiritual coach, blogger & podcaster helping women heal their relationship with food, repair leaky gut, raise their vibration and increase personal magnetism. A thought leader in utilizing the power of nutrition and spiritual practices to increase vibration Shelby has worked with hundreds of clients to facilitate increased energy, mental clarity and an uplevel in their vibration. She is passionate about her signature Become Magnetic Method using it to facilitate alignment, manifestation and vibrancy for her clients and herself. When shes not working to raise the awareness and vibes of those around her Shelby enjoys spending her free time with her golden retriever, Sage, in the mountains of Colorado where she lives hiking, camping and reconnecting with nature.

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