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I thought I was losing my mind at 23...

I was 23 working as a clinical dietitian wondering if I was going to get fired one day. I could barely pay attention during patient appointments, I couldn't retain new information, I was finding myself slurring my speech and forgetting important meetings.

The doctors prescribed me ADHD medications and told me this was my new normal. I felt crazy. I didn't want to live the rest of my life at half capacity. 

My body was struggling just as much as my mind. My stomach would make embarrassing "whale" noises during meetings, I had to run to the bathroom in between patient appointments and I frequently had to leave the gym earlier than I had planned due to embarrassing gas. 

Finally I realized I couldn't live the rest of my life this way. I needed a drastic change. After nearly 2 years of research and trailing different programs. I found answers. I combined some of the top functional medicine providers gut restoration programs to create the one I'm sharing with you today.

I share this program with you because I believe no person should have to live their lives like I was, afraid, angry and at war with my own body. Its time to heal. You don't have to live with your digestive symptoms and brain fog forever.

What Is Leaky Gut?

Leaky gut is a rapidly growing condition that many are struggling with. It can occur from consuming gut irritants or disruptors such as ibuprofen, alcohol, toxins and antibiotics.

Food particles from you gut "leak" into your bloodstream from small pores in your gut that are created from irritation.  As these food particles enter the bloodstream your immune response ramps up and your fighter cells attack. Over time this immune reaction can cause chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation has been associated with  a whole array of chronic diseases from heart disease, autoimmune disease, bipolar, thyroid conditions to anxiety and depression.


Who This Is For?

I'll be honest with you, a gut reset isn't for everyone. I knew what I needed to do to heal my inflammation, cystic acne, nutrient malabsorption, bloating and diarrhea (TMI SRY haha) for a long time but it wasn't until my symptoms turned into brain fog, slurred speech and some very terrible nutrient deficiencies did I commit to the reset.

If you're experiencing any of the following symptoms and are ready to do the work to heal this may be a good fit for you:

  • Bloating & gas
  • Food sensitivities
  • Fatigue
  • Joint Pain
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Headaches
  • Acne or Rosacea
  • Digestive problems
  • Weight gain especially the lower back region
  • Anxiety and Depression especially if worsens with certain food consumption
  • Inflammation such as extreme sock lines.


What Is a Gut Reset?

I've been to many functional medicine educational programs on this topic as I was working on my own quest for healing. I will say this you can google leaky gut and come up with 700 different recommendations for protocols. That being said there are 4 core components.

Remove: Irritants such as certain foods, alcohol, toxins, excessive sugar, NSAIDS & antibiotics.

Replace: Digestive enzymes promoters and gut healing foods.

Repair: Certain nutrients & supplements to help promote the gut lining.

Restore & Rebalance: Probiotics and healing foods.


What Can You Expect?

This program is an 8 week gut restoration plan. This program is designed to help rebalance your gut microbiome, repair gut leaks and help you better understand foods that are triggers for you.


How it Works:

∆ Phase 1: First 4 weeks are an elimination diet paired with specific supplements to wipe out harmful bacteria and pathogens.

∆ Phase 2: After this you may be recommended to continue the elimination for a few more weeks or start the reintroduction phase along with functional foods & supplementation to improve digestion and repair the gut lining.

∆ Phase 3: Your restore the gut balance with probiotic & prebiotic foods and supplements.

What The Course Includes:

∆ 8 week step-by-step gut reset guide & access to Registered Dietitian Shelby.

∆ Supplement recommendations tailored to you and the symptoms, digestion, nutrient deficiencies and inflammation you're experiencing.

∆ Access to pharmaceutical grade nutrition supplements. 

∆ Stress reduction and mindset reprogramming modules to prevent recurrence of gut conditions.

∆ Meal plans, recipes & grocery shopping guides elimination phase.

∆ Access to online community for support and questions. 

How You'll Feel & What To Expect

∆ Decreased digestive bloating, gas, constipation & diarrhea.

∆ Many participants will experience higher energy, increased mental clairity and improved mood.

∆ Potential reduced risk for chronic diseases associated with leaky gut.

∆ Vibrant skin

∆ Decreased inflammation

∆ Results vary based on participants dedication, degree of gut damage and overall lifestyle factors such as stress and sleep hygiene.

About Shelby


Shelby Kulzer is a registered dietitian, spiritual coach, blogger & podcaster helping heal relationships with food, repair leaky gut, raise the collective vibration and increase personal magnetism of her clients. A thought leader in utilizing the power of nutrition and spiritual practices to increase vibration Shelby has worked with hundreds of clients to facilitate increased energy, mental clarity and an uplevel in their vibration. She is passionate about her signature Become Magnetic Method using it to facilitate alignment, manifestation and vibrancy for her clients and herself. When shes not working to raise the awareness and vibes of those around her Shelby enjoys spending her free time with her golden retriever, Sage, in the mountains of Colorado where she lives hiking, camping and reconnecting with nature.

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