Does this sound familiar…

Three years ago I was dragging myself out of bed going to a job but daydreaming of days where I could work for myself....

I desired a life of freedom and flexibility. Where I could work from anywhere and tap into all my creative energy. I dreamt of serving clients in a bigger way & creating a ripple of change. 

I had no idea how to get from where I was to the place I wanted to be. In fact part of me didn’t really believe it was possible.

Then one day I realized…

“There are literally thousands of women making an impact in the online space, serving a larger audience and making WAYYY more in a year than I would make in a lifetime at my 9-5. So, why can't I?"

It was messy. I made a boat load of mistakes. I thought about quitting more times than I would like to admit but I with the right mentors, I kept going. Three years later I work for myself. I’ve created a life of freedom and flexibility. Every morning I wake up excited to serve incredible clients.

When I hit this point in my business the questions started to roll in...

I’m so impressed that you've been able to turn your mission into a profitable business! I'm so eager to work for myself but am lost, how did you turn it into something profitable?”

“How did you create an online business? I have no idea where to even start.”

"How do I get past the fear of what people are going to say? How do I stop caring about others opinions and share what I know I’m meant to?”

"I know I'm meant for something bigger. I would love to work for myself. I'm just not sure what it is. How do I know what I'm meant to do?"

My heart went out to each woman who reached out. I could see the potential for each of them to serve in such an incredible way & to create a massive impact. I saw their desire to live a life of freedom, possibility & creativity on their own terms. The women were in the exact place I was just a few years previous.

These women are the reason I created the Become Magnetic Mastermind...


Become Magnetic Mastermind

4 months to accelerate your business through aligned action & purpose. 

I created this 4-month program to teach help you in creating your soul-aligned business. 

This program will create sisterhood and community. It will help raise your energetic vibration to attract your desired clients. Release wounds that are holding you back from taking action. Step into the powerful goddess you’re meant to show up and serve as.

 I truly believe we were each called here to serve a purpose. It is my desire to help you fully step into yours.

Mastermind Topics:


Call 1:  Cultivating Sisterhood & Goals with Soul

This call we will spend time developing the community and sisterhood that we are creating together during the 4-month uplevel. This call will also be focused on creating clarity and cultivating your vision. We will dive into your core desired feelings and talk about why this is important to creating your vision. You will leave this call with clear goals that pull you forward.


Call 2: Releasing Your Limiting Beliefs & Retraining the Subconscious.

This call we will look at the limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from bringing your vision to life. I will guide you into using different tools to retrain the subconscious mind so you can release your fear, lack and unworthiness once and for all.


Call 3: Social Media Strategy. Posting on Purpose.

We will gain even more clarity on who you’re serving, what your message is. How to speak to your client and make the right connections for you business. How to utilize social media to create impact.


Call 4: Raising Your Vibration & Becoming Magnetic

This call is all about becoming an energetic match. I will share simple daily rituals that focus on elevating your state, chakra health, and wellness, to keep you an ultimate vibration for the business of your dreams.


Call 5:  It’s time to Be Seen. What is your offer? Creating Passive Income.

This call will guide you into the confidence needed to put yourself out there. You will gain clarity on what products & services are you offering the world. If you already have a product this call will help you brand yourself. You will leave this call ready to share your brand and message.


Call 6: Sales through Service

This call will focus on what you can do to increase your visibility, create value within your community and beyond. We will also dive into strategy for building an email list.

Call 7: Expanding Your Network

This call will focus on gaining even more eyes on your great work. I will give you tips and tolls to Getting Published. Pitching podcasts. Asking friends to share/Affiliations. Value providing Facebook Groups.


Call 8: Launch Baby, Launch

Lets get un-weird about selling. Now is your time to shine! We will take everything you have learned in the last 4 months and bring it all together. This is YOUR TIME!



This is your time to create a personalized business strategy 1:1 with Shelby. We can also work through any subconscious blocks at the time of this call. You can use this call at any time during the 4 month program. 

How it Works:


▲ The first step is applying via the button at the bottom of the page. 

▲ We will then schedule a discovery call to ensure you're an energetic match for the group.

▲ Applications are first come first serve. This Mastermind fills up fast so don't delay!

▲ We begin as a group the week of August 12th. (Times and dates will be based on those involved in the group's schedules)

▲ This a private group mastermind program to help you uplevel your life & biz

▲ All calls will be recorded. You own the content forever

▲ You will gain access to the PRIVATE FB group & sisterhood upon enrollment

▲ You have access to me throughout the 4 months for Q & A


What’s Included:

▲ 8 Group Coaching Calls ($999 Value)

▲ 2, 1:1 Bonus Calls ($444 Value)

▲ Media Bio Formula ($199 Value)

▲ Weekly Soul Work ($99 Value)

▲ Access to Client Contracts  ($399 Value)

▲ Discovery Call Success Formula ($299 Value)

▲ Client Clarity & Attraction Formula  ($199 Value)

▲ Sales Page Structure Template ($399 Value)

▲ Email Funnel Templates ($199 Value)

▲ High Vibe Weekly Meal Plans ($1200 Value)

▲ Private FB Group Mastermind & Sisterhood ($333 Value)

▲ Email & SM Access to Shelby ($499 Value)


Client Love

Emily Huckstep

Where to even begin? Shelby is just one of those people you gravitate towards; not only is her energy so contagious, but her knowledge, experience and wisdom is so relevant that you can’t help but want to work with her! I have followed Shelby’s work for over 2 years and during that time have always trusted her opinion on topics from nutrition, health + wellbeing, spirituality, and manifesting your dream life, right through to being your own boss, running your own badass social media, and owning everything you do. Shelby has helped me step into my purpose and really hone down my business ideas. The Mastermind group setting is perfect for those seeking sisterhood, outrageous amounts of loving support, and a space to be your most vulnerable without fear of judgement or shame. I wholeheartedly recommend Shelby and the Business Mastermind for anyone needing that final push to start or grow their business. The information I’ve learned has been invaluable, and I know I’ll keep returning to it for many years to come.  


Krista Walker

What to say about Shelby?! Wow, has this girl been such an amazing coach and friend! I truly went into this not knowing what to expect, with withstand being my first time using a coach and Shelby exceeded all imaginable expectations! I instantly felt connected to Shelby after our discovery call.

During the first few sessions, Shelby helped me identify some deep rooted beliefs and relearn how to care for myself. She was able to pull out the highest vibration that was in me, and I now feel like I am showing up as my truest self for my husband, daughter, friends, clients, and myself. Shelby gave me amazing follow up emails to allow me to reflect and apply the "lesson" from the call. It was so neat to see our calls grow and grow and FEEL the shift that was happening for me. And Shelby was such a supportive and invested coach the entire time.

I am SO incredibly grateful for her and will be directing any and everyone to her when given the chance! Thanks again Shelby, so much love for you!!

About Shelby

Shelby Kulzer is a registered dietitian, spiritual life coach, blogger & podcaster helping women heal their relationship with food, raise their vibration and increase personal magnetism. Her articles have been featured in Thrive Global and Elephant Journal. A thought leader in utilizing the power of nutrition and spiritual practices to increase vibration Shelby has worked with hundreds of clients to facilitate increased energy, mental clarity and an uplevel in their vibration. She is passionate about her signature Become Magnetic Method using it to facilitate alignment, manifestation and vibrancy for her clients and herself. When she's not working to raise the awareness and vibes of those around her through spiritual transformation and health. Shelby enjoys spending time with her golden retriever, Sage, in the mountains of Colorado where she lives hiking, camping and reconnecting with nature.



What if I don’t have a business yet?


This mastermind will help you at any level. We will dive into the action plan needed, as well as the mindset shifts required to create ultimate success.


When does the course begin?

We begin as a group on August 19th Enrollment closes August 18th at 10 pm MT. 


What if I cannot make the Live Coaching Calls?

All calls are recorded and you will have full access to the replay!


What if I don't have time to start right now?

You gain exclusive access to my membership site, where all the recordings will live so you catch the replay. You will also have full access to the private FB group


What can I expect from this course?

Connection, support, guidance and an action plan to creating your own business.


Are you offering a payment plan?


Ready to Take Your Business to The Next Level?

Apply before July 24th to get the early Bird BONUS call AND $222 off the Ascension Retreat!! That means 3 total calls with me to coach you on your business and the opportunity to attend this incredible transformational sisterhood in Colorado.


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